• K12_Bryan Adams

BRW undertook the plans for renovation of Bryan Adams High School as part of a bond program for renovations throughout the Dallas school district. Located in northeast Dallas, the school was in need of both cosmetic and mechanical system repairs and spatial reconfiguration. BRW completed an extensive survey of the structure to determine the final scope of work and determine the best use of the district’s resources. Cosmetic repairs such as new interior and exterior paint, cleaning, and minor repairs were performed.

Restrooms throughout the school were refurbished with new tile, fixtures, and accessories as needed. Mechanical systems were updated with new air handling units, chiller, and cooling tower. Rooftop units were evaluated for replacement and additional units were added. Electrical systems were also assessed and electrical panels were replaced or added as needed. To address space programs needs, existing classrooms were renovated to provide four new science labs. A new addition provides a large dance studio and associated support spaces.