Focus On What Matters
Focus On What Matters
Focus On What Matters


Texas School District Police Chiefs’ Association Conference

June 20th – 24th

Galveston, TX

+ Attending is Jeff Choyce, Steve Johnson, Fred Clifford, & Jason Cave

+ visit conference website

The Art of Quiet: High Performance Music Facilities

June 23rd

Dallas, TX | Dallas ISD | Woodrow Wilson HS

BRW Architects presenting to A4LE North Texas Chapter

+ Presenting is Anne Hildenbrand, AIA

+ learn more

Texas Association of Private and Parochial Schools

July 7th

Waco, TX

+ Attending is Steve Johnson

+ learn more

BRW Art Auction

July 9th

Virtual | Dallas, TX

More info coming soon.

+ link coming soon

TAMU TEEX Annual Vendor Shows

July 25th

College Station, TX

+ Attendees TBD

+ learn more

Station Design Conference

August 24th – 26th

St Louis, MO

+ Attending is Fred Clifford, Jason Cave, Ray Holliday, Jen Bettiol

+ visit conference website

Texas Association of Community Schools Conference

September 11th – 14th

Round Rock, TX

+ Attending is Jeff Choyce & Steve Johnson

+ visit conference website

International Association of Chiefs of Police

September 11th – 14th

New Orleans, LA

+ Attending is Fred Clifford, Jason Cave

+ visit conference website

F.I.E.R.O. Station Design Symposium

September 19th – 22nd

Greenville, SC

+ Attending is Ray Holliday, Jen Bettiol, Stephen Hilt

+ visit conference website

TASA | TASB Convention

September 24th – 26th

Dallas, TX

+ Attendees TBD

+ visit conference website

Texas Municipal League (TML)

October 6th – 8th

Houston, TX

+ Attending is Fred Clifford + TBD

+ visit conference website

A4LE LearningScapes

October 14th – 18th

Denver, CO

+ Attending is Lisa Lamkin, Anne Hildenbrand, Steve Johnson, Kathy Lee

+ learn more

A4LE North Texas Chapter Annual Golf Tournament

October 22nd

Coyote Ridge Golf Club

+ BRW is a proud Event Sponsor & Steve Johnson will be attending

+ learn more

TRAPS North Region Annual Conference

November 5th

Allen, TX

+ Attendees TBD

+ visit conference website


They’ve got spirit, yes they do!

They’ve got spirit, yes they do! For more than 60 years, the halls of Bryan Adams High School in the white rock community of Dallas have been recording stories. Stories now being told through images and graphic design communicating identity…


Check out Port Acres Elementary School!

In Port Arthur ISD, community members pride themselves on making sure the students are future-ready when they head to high school and beyond. BRW Architects was honored to work along side the community to bring a new elementary school to…


A Very Good Day for Golf

Gary DeVries, the composed and smiling face of BRW’s Dallas Civic Studio, announced his retirement earlier this month. Gary is well known for setting meticulous agendas and following them to the letter, so it is no surprise to learn that…


Highlights of Updates included in the ICC 500-2020 Edition

Did you know the certification criteria for ICC 500 was recently updated in 2020?  The purpose of the ICC 500 standard was to establish minimum requirements relative to the design and construction of storm shelters to be used in cases…


The Integration of Diversity: Designing for Inclusion

Most of us understand the basic principles of Universal Design but are we really recognizing the reality of diversity and how diversity among students can directly impact achievement, aid in developing empathy, and even help a student feel safer?  There…