Focus On What Matters
Focus On What Matters
Focus On What Matters

Federal Facility Project Experience

USPS Allen Main Post Office NCO
Allen, Texas

USPS Allen Main Post Office Expansions
Allen, Texas

USPS Antioch Carrier Annex
Kansas City, Missouri

USPS Apex Main Post Office Expansions
Apex, North Carolina

USPS Arlington Oakwood Station
Arlington, Texas

USPS Austin P&DC Expansion
Austin, Texas

USPS Austin Downtown Station Repairs
Austin, Texas

USPS Austin CFS Annex
Austin, Texas

USPS Austin Chimney Corners Station
Austin, Texas

USPS Austin P&DC Administrative Office Reorganization, Paving Repair & Reseal, Battery Room Expansion
Austin, Texas

USPS Austin Westlake Hills Station
Austin, Texas

USPS Benton Main Post Office
Benton, Arkansas

USPS Bethany Main Post Office
Bethany, Missouri

USPS Blytheville Main Post Office Roof Replacement
Blytheville, Arkansas

USPS Cameron Main Post Office
Cameron, Missouri

USPS Carrollton Rosemeade Station Addition
Carrollton, Texas

USPS Carson Main Post Office Reconstruction
Carson, Washington

USPS Carthage Post Office Renovation and Addition
Carthage, Missouri

USPS Bulk Mail Center Central Plant Replacement
Dallas, Texas

USPS Charlotte Carrier Annex Prototype
Charlotte, North Carolina

USPS North Texas P&DC HVAC Replacement
Coppell, Texas

USPS North Haven Station
Coppell, Texas

USPS Corporate Offices
Dallas, Texas

USPS Corsicana Asbestos Removal
Corsicana, Texas

USPS Dallas 2000 Planning Study
Dallas, Texas

USPS Dallas Beverly Hills Station Expansion
Dallas, Texas

USPS Dallas Bulk Mail Center R/A and Security / Fire Alarm, West Parking and Interior / Exterior Relighting
Dallas, Texas

USPS Dallas Casa View Station Addition
Dallas, Texas

USPS Dallas P&DC Computer Room HVAC
Dallas, Texas

USPS Dallas Facilities Service Offices – 7800 Stemmons
Dallas, Texas

USPS Dallas Historic Downtown Station Renovations
Dallas, Texas

USPS Dallas Oaklawn Station Addition
Dallas, Texas

USPS Dallas P&DC Bulk Mail Express Design-Build and Security Upgrades
Dallas, Texas

USPS Dallas P&DC Expansion Feasibility Study
Dallas, Texas

USPS Dallas P&DC HVAC Upgrades
Dallas, Texas

USPS Rio Grande P&DC Site Studies

USPS Dallas Spring Valley Station HVAC Upgrade
Dallas, Texas

USPS DFW Air Mail Center Security Upgrade and Interior Relighting
Dallas, Texas

USPS DFW Intermodal Facility
Dallas, Texas

USPS DeSoto Main Post Office Addition & Renovation
DeSoto, Texas

USPS Des Moines P&DC Security Upgrades
Des Moines, Iowa

USPS Edinburg Main Post Office
Edinburg, Texas

USPS Elk River Main Post Office
Elk River, Minnesota

USPS El Paso Historic Downtown Post Office Renovation
El Paso, Texas

USPS El Paso P&DC Roof Replacement
El Paso, Texas

USPS Enid MPO / Federal Courthouse Roof Replacement / HVAC Upgrades
Enid, Oklahoma

USPS Eugene P&DC Security Upgrades
Eugene, Oregon

USPS Facilities IDIQ Contract for Repair / Alteration Projects
Dallas, Texas, and Arkansas

USPS Fort Worth Downtown Historic Survey & Retail Study
Fort Worth, Texas

USPS Fort Worth P&DC Dock Expansion
Fort Worth, Texas

USPS Hurricane Katrina / Ike / Rita Emergency Response Program and Service Restoration
Galveston, Orange, Port Bolivar, Texas City, Fresno – Texas
New Orleans, Baton Rouge, Slidell, Port Sulphur, Venice, Ponchatoula – Louisiana

USPS Inspector General’s Offices
Dallas, Texas

USPS Integrated Retail Terminal Prototype Design

USPS Kansas City Facilities Service Offices
Overland Park, Kansas

USPS Law Offices & Relocation Studies
Dallas, Texas

USPS Little Rock International Airport Air Mail Center Service Upgrades
Little Rock, Arkansas

USPS LSAP Renovations

USPS McAllen P&DC Roof Replacement
McAllen, Texas

USPS Mexia HVAC Replacement
Mexia, Texas

USPS Midland P&DC Paving, Repainting and Dock
Midland, Texas

USPS Midland International Airport Air Mail Center Paving Repairs and Administration Upgrades
Midland, Texas

USPS Milan Quad Cities P&DC
Milan, Illinois

USPS Missoula P&DC Security Upgrades
Missoula, Montana

USPS Modular Prototype Program
Various Locations throughout the US

USPS National Center for Employee Development (NCED) APPS Lab Training Facility
Norman, Oklahoma

USPS National Center for Employee Development (NCED) Exterior Brick Building Skin Evaluation, Renovation and R/A
Norman, Oklahoma

USPS National Center for Employee Development (NCED) Structural Repairs and Security Upgrades
Norman, Oklahoma

USPS National Center for Employee Development (NCED) Student Housing Repairs and Alterations (Energy Upgrades)
Norman, Oklahoma

USPS National Law Enforcement Communication Center (NLECC)
Fort Worth, Texas

USPS North Bay P&DC Security Upgrades
Petaluma, California

USPS North Texas P&DC Security Upgrades
Coppell, Texas

USPS IDIQ Contract for Memphis Major Facilities Office
Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas, Oklahoma, and New Mexico

USPS Oakland P&DC Security Upgrades
Oakland, California

USPS Phoenix Inspection Service Offices
Phoenix, Arizona

USPS Plano Coit Station Expansion / Renovation
Plano, Texas

USPS Raleigh P&DC / Rocky Mount HVAC Controls Upgrade
Raleigh / Rocky Mount, North Carolina

USPS San Antonio P&DC HVAC Upgrades
San Antonio, Texas

USPS San Antonio Mail Annex Upgrades
San Antonio, Texas

USPS Pacific FSO Indefinite Quantity Contract
San Bruno, California

USPS Southwest Area Security and Fire Alarm Upgrades
DFW, Texas

USPS Springfield AMC Security and Dock Renovation
Springfield, Missouri

USPS Springfield Ravenwood Carrier Annex
Springfield, Missouri

USPS Stamp Depository
Grand Prairie, Texas

USPS Denver P&DC Security Upgrades
Denver, Colorado

USPS Elevator Modernization Program
17 Facilities in California

USPS Elevator Modernization Program | 3rd Party Reviews

USPS Pacific Area Offices – ML Sellers P&DC
San Diego, California

USPS Napoleon Carrier Annex Renovations
San Francisco, California

USPS Townsend Carrier Annex
San Francisco, California

USPS Santa Cruz Main Post Office SHPO Review
Santa Cruz, California

USPS Tracy Main Post Office Renovations
Tracy, California

USPS San Francisco P&DC Security Upgrades
San Francisco, California

USPS Richmond NDC Security Upgrades
Richmond, California

USPS San Mateo IT/ASC Security Upgrades
San Mateo, California

USPS Eagan IT/ASC Security Upgrades
Eagan, Minnesota

USPS Athol Main Post Office AQ
Athol, Idaho

USPS Seattle VMF/Garage Security Upgrades
Seattle, Washington

USPS Loma Linda Main Post Office Utility Upgrades
Loma Linda, California

USPS Honolulu P&DC/HART Logistics Oversight
Honolulu, Hawaii

USPS Stamp Fulfillment Services Security Upgrades
Kansas City, Missouri

USPS Duluth P&DC Security Upgrades
Duluth, Minnesota

USPS Minneapolis P&DC Security Upgrades
Minneapolis, Minnesota

USPS Kansas City NDC Security Upgrades
Kansas City, Kansas