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The American Board of Obstetrics and Gynecologists needed to expand their current mid rise office building located in a very small site in the Oaklawn Planned Development (PD-193). BRW and Bruce Bernbaum, Architect developed a schematic design which added roughly 20,000 square feet to the existing facility making the total space 33,000 SF.

This mid-rise office building was intended to be used as a testing center and administrative space for ABOG. The first floor will be utilized as an orientation/multi-purpose room with two new elevators ascending the five story building. The parking spaces will be located on the ground level beneath part of the second floor. The second floor will be utilized as the testing area with 48 testing rooms available at one time. The third floor will remain administrative offices with additional spaces for storage, vault and staff. The fourth floor is designated as a dining and lounge area with a catering room and roof terrace. The fifth floor will be utilized solely for board meetings.

This project had many challenges such as providing the required parking, landscaping and setbacks enumerated in the Oaklawn zoning ordinances. Because of the unique setback condition, the exit stair had to accommodate a non-interrupted means of egress, thus creating a long transfer stair from the third floor the fourth floor.

The interior of the new office space will have stone and wood flooring as well as elegant wall covering and decorative light fixtures and coves. The interior design was intended to be elegant yet comfortable for the candidates and examiners. New restrooms were added throughout the building, and the challenge was to build the new spaces without disturbing the staff as they worked.