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The Bell County Expo Center project rejuvenated the twenty year old Bell County Events Center. A formerly unexpressive entry was injected with life and color, celebrating the activities to occur within. Two poorly defined plazas were reordered with monumental steel structures, sculpted earth, and gradated layers of planting and night lighting. The metal lined esplanade directs visitors into the center which is adorned with colorful banners and cable-slung awnings. This maintains the geometric theme inherent in the dome, while infusing the space with color and pedestrian scale.

Bronze sculptures at the focal point of the plaza and colored concrete murals introduce a historical theme to the project while enhancing the tendency to congregate. A geometrically detailed metal panel system clads the ticket booth and replaces weathered panels at the adjacent main entry, while merging the old with the new and generating a grand visual impact with only a small structural addition. New masonry “skins” soften the hard, cool appearance of the existing metal buildings.