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The original facility was built in 1980 and was manned by volunteer firefighters that were called into duty when their services were needed. Over the years the department has grown to include 16 full-time professional firefighters, 5 part-time firefighters, a Lieutenant, a Captain and a Fire Chief. As the department has grown, so have their facility requirements. Although the Apparatus Bay did not require expansion, new living quarters were needed to serve the round-the-clock staff. The building addition provides a dayroom, kitchen/dining, fitness room and comfortable 2-person sleeping rooms while supplying additional bay support spaces.

Upon completion of the Addition, the existing Station was renovated to provide a Training Room, Emergency Operations Center and Administrative Offices. Also, to facilitate the building addition, the City purchased an adjacent residential property. This allowed for new parking and a patio area for on-duty personnel. BRW worked closely with the City and Fire Department to provide cost-effective solutions to satisfy the facility needs within the established budget.