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The “front porch” of the Canyon Lake Fire/EMS Station No. 5 consists of local stone, heavy timber trusses, large dormers, deep overhangs and a naturally landscaped site which allows the station to look at home within its rural community.

The economic 7,600 square foot facility houses seven full-time fire fighters, and was built to utilize every square foot to its utmost potential. 6 individual sleeping rooms and a weight room are tucked under dormers allowing full use of the station’s attic space, while a day room doubles as a training area.

Large windows in the Kitchen and Dining room as well as a covered patio and grill take advantage of the sites spectacular hill county views. Along with typical support spaces such as a decontamination room, ems storage, bunker room, and S.C.B.A. shop, this two bay station also boasts a treatment room located right off of the station’s entrance to attend to minor injuries.

Project Details

2011 F.I.E.R.O. Fire Station Design Recognition Award            
2011 Fire Chief Magazine Station Style Silver Award