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Carnegie libraries were built with funds donated by businessman and philanthropist Andrew Carnegie. In 1913, the Franklin Library was constructed with a $7500 grant from the Carnegie Corporation of New York. Unlike some of its Beaux Art contemporaries, the Franklin Library makes a simple nod to Cass Gilbert’s 1910 Battle Hall at the University of Texas and the influential prominence of Wright’s Prairie Style.

Due to the client’s funding resources, BRW worked with the Texas Historical Commission to determine that Phase I would involve the replacement of roof, eave repair, and interior refinishing. Phase II included constructing an accessible pathway and entrance to the basement of the library. Due to ground moisture concerns, a below-ground waterproofing membrane and French-drain system was installed. Other work included brick re-pointing, plaster work, new exterior doors, and installation of floor drains for future program use. The future phase involves structural and mechanical upgrades to the basement and an interactive museum for the Camino Real Highway.