COMET is a unique company, filled with intelligent people who stretch their thinking, doing what they love and what they’re good at. It’s a place where builders build, experimenters experiment and where everyone can play both roles, work with different teams, take on new responsibilities to push the work, and the entire company, forward into the future.

Understanding the multi-layered essence of a Brand-New Company involves highly detailed discussions, revolving around sketches, diagrams & 3D modeling which help to identify work planning strategies that are most compatible with the client team’s views on how to best prioritize/allocate limited resources.

Notable Design Drivers identified early on during interviews with the Comet Team include: a strong desire to integrate COLOR, WORKPLACE FLEXIBILITY and SURPRISE into the space planning, materials, and color palette, by introducing curves, circular motifs, multi-purpose collaboration areas, clustered work space neighborhoods with generous daylighting and outside views. The result is a refreshing free flowing workplace designed to encourage informal spontaneous collaboration between various work teams.

The Big Picture GOAL was, to successfully combine informal/formal workspaces layouts, with a wide range of collaboration spaces, multi-sized meeting areas, whiz bang Board Room, Colorful Café, Saturn Nightclub game room, with an elegant & varied scale palette of textiles, wall graphics, comfortable furnishings and a localized art program that matches the strength, vitality and inspired goals of this exciting new venture.

The Comet Story Line begins by transporting visitors from a nondescript building lobby up to the 3rd floor, where guests arrive at a darkened chamber, with custom Lobby Mural. The Lobby chamber is designed to send Comet visitors and Comet staff in opposite directions. Visitors are immediately drawn towards the ever-changing multihued light emanating from the “Connectivity” Glass Art piece, while staff enter using the concealed entry portal into the suite.

The Suite is divided into (3) open workplace zones featuring 120-degree work clusters, Formal/Informal gathering spaces, Boardroom, executive row, with a generous Terraced Café and Game Room areas.