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The renovation and expansion of Dallas Fire Station No. 10 included a 6,000 square foot addition and a complete interior renovation of the existing building. The new total 12,000 SF station has two and one half apparatus bays and can accommodate 14 fire fighters per shift, plus associated officers.

While one side of the corner wooded site is along a busy commercial street, the apparatus bays face a residential street leading into a neighborhood. A new facade for the expanded apparatus bays revitalized the fire station image with canopies over the apparatus bay doors. The building addition was designed to preserve the residential scale of the existing building, yet incorporate iron-spot brick and corrugated metal panels as new materials. A copper clad pylon at the public entrance acts as a station monument sign and landmark for the neighborhood entrance.

The design and construction process adhered to the USGBC LEED certification system requirements, and the project is LEED Gold certified. Sustainable building techniques for building and site work included the reuse of existing building structure, use of regional and recycled content materials, certified wood products, native landscaping and maximizing natural daylight and views, while minimizing heat-gain. Energy savings was a driving force in the design of the high-efficiency mechanical and electrical systems throughout the building. This building and site design approach serves as an example for the community by educating and inspiring citizens to lead a more environmentally conscious lifestyle.