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The potential for the available DHA land in Lakewest is significant and, with careful planning, will reinforce a positive direction for the community.

After carefully listening to all of the members of the community, a clear and comprehensive picture for Lakewest was revealed.  They understood and expressed the desire to pursue the attributes that enhance good neighborhoods.  Based on their input, the Master Plan was designed to further an overall vision that guides not only the recommendations for the available DHA land but also creates an overall vision for Lakewest and strategies for implementation.  Additionally, as part of a more comprehensive objective, the Master Plan includes recommendations for other vacant land and underutilized buildings, proposes new connectivity and circulation pathways, and outlines possibly utility upgrades.

Major community focal points connected with jogging, walking, and bike paths will accomplish this critical objective and could be planned and phased over time that will invigorate the Lakewest community with a renewed collective vision for the future.  Utilizing the land along Kingsbridge for amentities dedicated to Lakewest residents and positioning the shopping center and lakefront property to serve all of West Dallas will create and reinforce positive connections between Lakewest and the West Dallas community at large.  Establishing improved circulation, providing new programs and activities for residents of all ages and getting more people to the Lakewest site will increase revenues, increase enthusiasm and increase safety for the residents of Lakewest.  Grouping the nonprofit center, teen center, and community and cultural arts center in the central area of the site establishes a clear heart of the community.  Maintaining and improving the park amenities will help beautify the site and strengthen the residents’ quality of life.  Enhancing the retail and commercial center will generate more revenue and jobs for all of West Dallas.