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Frazier Courts Community Center:

This was the final piece of the Frazier Fellowship Community Redevelopment Masterplan for DHA.  This 76 acre community, serves as a central location for the residents of the adjacent town homes to gather for neighborhood events and meetings; center offers two community accessible rooms & offices for a variety of service, education & maintenance resources.  The stucco/manufactured stone exterior blends with existing redevelopment, exposed steel structure along the north facing ‘porch’ & standing-seam metal roof draw attention to its prominent location & function within the community. The interior of the 8,900 SF building offers a Community Meeting Room for small groups, large Community Meeting Hall for neighborhood activities; high volume space of Community Meeting Hall overlooks the north porch, courtyard & developed green space to the east, through large storefront windows.

Frazier Courts Fellowship, Mill City, & Wahoo Town homes:

This redevelopment consisted of 315 total units.  The town home units define front & rear porch areas conducive to the climate & outdoor activities of the residents with separate identity for each unit.  This mixed income neighborhood provides additional amenities to serve dis-advantaged lower income residents & provides high quality attractive development which will attract renters at all income levels.

Frazier Courts Margaret H. Cone Headstart:

The new Head Start facility within the Frazier Fellowship redevelopment is an 8 classroom facility for infants through four year olds in the center of the neighborhood. This building forms the primary thoroughfare that bisects the area and shelters the exterior play areas from the street. The architectural openness of the design lets natural light into the classroom spaces. The corridors buffer the classrooms from the busy street and serves as a beacon to the community providing space to highlight children’s artwork. The back porch of each community adjoins a fenced green space for controlled and supervised play activities. Community rooms provide meeting space and parental support programs. The Head Start is a focal point and catalyst for establishing a new beginning for the Frazier neighborhood.