BRW Architects was commissioned to provide design services for the FWISD Polytechnic High School Addition and Renovation. The campus is one of the oldest serving the Fort Worth community from its very prominent hillside location, overlooking the modern Fort Worth skyline. The renovations around various locations of the large campus will cover a long list of deficiencies from life safety upgrades, to code compliance, general maintenance, and improved LED lighting around the campus perimeter. There will also be focused improvements in the areas that host the numerous athletics programs for the Polytechnic students. A strategic expansion and improvement of training areas, weight rooms, locker rooms, restrooms, showers, additional storage and coaches offices will be carefully integrated in both boys and girls athletic facilities. These improvements will positively impact all sports programs on campus.

The new addition is focused on expansion of the existing kitchen and dining facilities, expanding the footprint to provide a new state of the art kitchen with more serving lines for the historic high school. In the process of adding footage for kitchen prep, receiving, etc. the actual dining room area will also be enlarged and updated to allow for more seating, better natural lighting within the space and clean modern finishes throughout.

BRW Architects education team worked closely with the district and school staff to ensure all areas of programmatic requirements were addressed and that the modifications to the campus were implemented with a sensitive approach on this great part of FWISD’s history and past.