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The existing clubhouse facility was originally built in 2002. The site is zoned as part of Planned Development PD-1, including the country club, golf course, and residential development. The swimming pool expansion will include the pool, an associated bath house with pump and storage area and concessions serving the pool.

The Pool area will be located on the West side of the existing vehicular drive and will take advantage of the view toward the wooded area to the Northwest. A future locker room expansion to the clubhouse may also be built between the pool area and the existing clubhouse. The pool deck will have a combination of concrete and/or composite or wood deck areas for lounge chairs, with a variety of shaded and non-shaded areas. Fabric shade structures will be incorporated to cover a portion of the pool and deck. The bath house will be sized to accommodate restroom and locker rooms to serve the pool and concessions area. An office/control room will have operable windows for check-in. The same building will contain pool storage and other support spaces.

A concessions building will help frame the exterior space and provide refreshments. The concessions building will also contain a pump room for the infinity edge of the pool, at a lower elevation than the main pool pump room.

The Golf Performance Center scope and project schedule is currently under evaluation and is not included in this Design Development package. It might be included in the project scope at a later date if a determination is made in the near future.

The newly expanded country club facilities will require expanded parking to serve the new spaces and anticipated growth in membership. Pedestrian access from more remote parking will be routed along landscaped walkways. A parking study has been performed to confirm the minimum additional parking required for the Pool and Golf Performance Center. Once it is confirmed that the Golf Performance Center will either be phased separately from the pool, or will have a reduced building side, then the additional will need to be reconfirmed.