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Located in South Houston, Tina E. Whidby Elementary School is comprised of two main buildings originally built in 1959 and 1964.  Both facilities required cosmetic and mechanical repairs.  BRW completed an extensive survey of the campus to determine the final scope of work.

Cosmetic repairs such as new interior and exterior paint, flooring, ceilings, interior doors, and minor repairs were outlined.  Restrooms were refurbished and made accessible with new finishes, fixtures, partitions, and accessories, new casework was provided in the classrooms, and the building envelope was enhanced.  Updates to mechanical and electrical systems, as well as new lighting throughout was also included as part of the update to the campus.

To address safety concerns and relieve morning congestion, the Principal and community requested BRW provide a design concept to re-orient the front entry of the main building and provide a new bus drop-off.  The new entry concept allowed for a new consolidated parking lot for the campus.  The site re-configuration was designed as an alternate to the project since it was out of the original scope of the renovation.