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Situated just east of El Paso, the town of Horizon City sought to replace and expand their single existing 8,000 SF fire station in anticipation of transitioning from a full volunteer to a career department.  The new program consisted of fire administration spaces, fire living quarters and separate L.I.F.E. living quarters. The new design can accommodate 12 firefighters per shift along with 2 L.I.F.E. personnel while facilitating the fire administration operations.

The new fire station also includes a meeting room and a large training room which will serve dual purpose as a training facility for the entire County.  The lobby allows centralized, controlled access to the fire administration area, training center and common living quarters.

The fire kitchen, living, and dining as well as an outdoor patio area are all located on the first floor to allow for quick and direct access to the station’s 5.5 apparatus bays. The second level includes 4 dorm-style sleeping rooms that can each house 4 firefighters per shift, five individual restrooms, a laundry room, weight room, electrical and communications room and ample gear storage space. In an effort to maintain the separation between the L.I.F.E. staff and the Fire staff, there is an individual L.I.F.E. apartment located on the opposite side of the bays from the rest of the facility. This apartment is fully equipped with a kitchen, day room, restroom and sleeping Room to accommodate two staff per shift.