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The Huntsville Aquatic Center consists of an eight-lane competitive swimming pool as well as a separate recreational pool consisting of a zero-depth entry with water play features plus a water slide and slide-receiving area. Together, the two pools have the ability to hold up to 600 bathers with separate filtration systems. The competitive pool utilizes a concrete gutter with tile, while the recreational pool uses a skimmer system. This approach allows for differential heating of the pools and reduced cost for the recreational pool, where control of wave action is not critical.

In order to accommodate the needs of spectators, athletes and recreational users, a bathhouse with a covered pavilion and concession area was also included in the project. The concession stand offers food service to event attendees and provides supplemental income to the City during recreation-only days. In order to maintain the budget, a mix of simple and durable building materials and construction techniques were utilized in the design of the bathhouse.