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Built in 1970, the Klein ISD Central Office building is in need of updating. In response to high energy cost and the need to conserve, this project provides for updating the mechanical systems for the building, improvement to the site lighting, replacement of the existing glass wall and roof at the main entry, and upgrades to the dated reception lobby. The existing chillers, pumps, and piping will be replaced with new energy efficient air-cooled chillers and upgraded pumps and piping. The results will be improved comfort for district staff, long-term energy savings, and reduced operating cost.

The existing site lighting will be replaced with new LED parking lot fixtures and installation of new light bollards along the pedestrian paths will improve security for visitors, staff, and employees. The front door of the building will be upgraded with new energy efficient glass / aluminum curtain wall with built-in shading devices. The new wall and entry will incorporate a new roof allowing for the Lobby to have a high volume and allow for a grand view from both floors. Finally, the existing lobby is in need of updating to accommodate visitors to the building. Visitor to Klein ISDD will be greeted by a new reception desk, new finishes (floor, wall, ceiling), and updated lighting. The new lobby will be inviting and provide for improved function.