Located on approximately 19 acres of previously developed and demolished land just west of State Highway 93 and north of State Highway 73, the new elementary school will relieve an underserved growing community. The proposed one-story facility addresses the Port Acres community with a pair of welcoming ‘front porches.’ The west ‘porch’ extends from the main entry to the visitor parking and provides a covered walk. From this covered entry, the larger scaled public spaces are connected to form a vertical, light filled lobby that links the Media Center, Cafeteria, Gymnasium and Administration areas. The north ‘porch’ extends from the staff and/or event parking to the lobby that links the Media Center, Cafeteria, Gymnasium and Administration areas, as well as, the Gymnasium and Cafeteria directly.

The facility is sited to front the main street with a linear public facade that faces westward and multiple north facing fenestrations to allow for controlled natural light throughout. The program includes six Pre-K/Kindergarten classrooms, seventeen primary classrooms, and specialized focus classrooms with a design capacity of 600 students. A loading dock will be located at the northeast corner of the building. The staff parking lot and bus loading/unloading will be located north of the school building, visitor parking and car rider loading/unloading will be located west of the school building and future expansion is planned east of the school building. Construction of the school is planned to begin in early 2017 allowing the school to open in the fall of 2018.