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Prairie View A&M University (PVAMU) requested Brown Reynolds Watford Architects to conduct an on-site study to determine the condition of the Agricultural Research Chemical Storage Room and the Goat Farm Research Center Facility at Prairie View A&M University. The purpose of the project was to review the scope of the renovation to the Chemical Storage Room, review the scope of the proposed rehabilitation to Rooms 115, 118 and 119, adjust the scope based on user input, and provide a scope of work with a cost estimate.

The Agricultural Research Chemical Storage Room is located in the Jessie & Mary Gibbs Jones Agricultural Research Building on the campus of Prairie View A&M University in Prairie View, Texas. The facility was built in 1988.

Partial List of Modifications:
Provide new door seals at interior and exterior doors.
Replace existing casework at sink location, and provide chemical resistant resin countertop and sink.
Remove existing chemical storage cabinets and provide new flammable chemical storage cabinets.
Remove existing center island casework.
Provide chemical resistant resin shelving for storage of waste materials.
Remove existing exhaust air system and provide new system to remove chemical fumes and prevent infiltration.
Provide underground basin for contaminated discharge.
Replace existing ceiling mounted fluorescent lighting fixtures with explosion-proof fluorescent lighting fixtures.
Provide automated warning system.