The City of Richardson’s Central Fire Station was in desperate need of an upgrade. Development of their new space presented a unique challenge: the department needed to stay in operation while construction continued for two years. BRW worked closely with the City and Richardson Fire Department to find a solution that did not require a temporary move or suspend life-saving services.

The answer arrived in the form of the Richardson Public Safety Campus – a campus that sits on 10 acres of land and includes Police Headquarters and a 911|Dispatch center. The new 32,000 SF Richardson Fire Station #1 and Fire Administration Building sits at the Northwest corner of the campus and remains close in proximity and design to the Police Headquarters. The two buildings are split by a private drive for easy access to patrol cars and fire trucks.

Inside, the Fire Station is divided in two – the first floor is living quarters while administration is on the second floor. Special attention was paid to design that balances public spaces with private areas. Both floors of the Fire Station share a two-story lobby married with stunning public art. Privately, the building offers amenities such as a fitness center, large open dayroom, and a covered balcony.

With expanded space for operations and united with other public services, the Richardson Fire Station #1 and Fire Administration Building will be well-equipped to remain a pillar of public safety for the City of Richardson.