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A three-story atrium highlights the entry to the Sam Tasby Middle School and provides a gathering space for casual interaction of students on each floor of the classroom wing. The lobby acts as a pivot point between classrooms, administration, Media Center and Auditorium. Generous, natural light-filled corridors allow students space to interact between class transitions, while framing views of the playing fields. A private, landscaped courtyard is viewed by the 3-story classroom wing, which buffers noise from the busy street. The courtyard is also flanked by the Cafeteria and Gymnasium, and acts an alternate public entry point to the 500-seat Auditorium.

Sam Tasby Middle School is part of a combination elementary and middle school for DISD, the new 224,000 square foot facility is located in an aging neighborhood ready for development. The two schools will function separately but share a kitchen, central plant, and auditorium. Each school has its own private courtyard allowing for access to separate playing fields. Multi-story components in each school preserve site area for soccer and football fields, competition softball and baseball diamonds, and hard surface play courts for both schools.