The new Schertz Fire Station No. 3 is part of a Master-planned, Mixed-use community to the northeast of San Antonio. The design team worked with input from the developer of the Crossvine community to create a station that would compliment the neighborhood’s goals of healthy living and neighborly engagement. The sleek lines of the shed roofed station and the contrast between the natural and industrial materials create a modern look that joins both the commercial entities and the residential homes of this mixed use development. Natural daylight and warm textures, soften the building and create a welcoming space. Community members are welcomed into the building lobby through a covered entry tower, where they can seek medical help at the treatment room, use the public bathroom facilities, or have use of the 50 person community room.

Through secure doors are 2 offices, an alarm room, and conference room that is also accessible from the lobby. An open concept Dayroom, Kitchen, & Dining room open onto a covered patio. 8 Private Sleeping rooms and individual Bathrooms make up the rest of the building’s living side. Air-locks create a buffer zone that keeps harmful contaminates from the bays out of the living quarters. An EMS decontamination room and individual Shower room both located right off of the bay allow staff to remove contaminates from their person and equipment prior to entering the rest of the station. A large 560 sf fitness room opens out onto a 380 sf covered and screened outdoor crossfit area, further promoting the staffs health by allowing the entire shift to encourage one another as they work out as a team in a variety of different exercise styles.