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BRW Architects designed a new STEM High School facility for a large school district in North Texas.  The program called for a combined, shared facility that would develop a singular campus with two diverse programs of STEM and performing arts focused education.  The BRW team developed a planning strategy that physically connected with the local arts community and responded to the diverse context around the chosen site.

ACT ONE:  Our journey begins with listening; the early murmurs of inspiration well up to give voice to your vision: delivering a whole new school for a whole new mind. Collaborative teamwork environments building a solid foundation for the success of generations to come in making our world a better place.  Student scientists, artists, musicians, engineers who are heroes of their own story.  Let us draw the curtain, rise up and enter this world of imagination, art and soul. Let us take refreshment at the nexus on our journey to the mountaintop.  We invite you to build the opportunity for each of our children to go where no student has gone before: the wonderful possibilities of their future.

Note: This project was designed in collaboration with DLR Group.

*associate architect DLR Group