The modern day University library is evolving from its traditional function as a repository of printed materials and study space for individual-based research. Today’s library is focused heavily on technology-rich, student instruction and collaboration spaces.

The interior renovation of the Evans Library and the Library Annex on the main campus of Texas A&M University is centered around the student experience, addressing their needs for community, collaboration and learning. Renovated student study and collaboration areas provide comfortable and functional spaces that accommodate the support needs of the student while the expansion of the University Writing Center and the Maps/GIS Collection as well as the creation of new classrooms and active learning spaces are much needed improvements to the current services offered to the students of each college.

The project also features a renovated Media studio with a dedicated “One-Button Studio” and specialized media editing computers and software, and associated faculty support spaces.
The Library Annex also houses a new Library Preservation & Conservation Department. This program provides dedicated space for restoring manuscripts, preserving archived historic books, and analyzing materials for the library’s general collection as well as to the University Archives and Special Collections.

*associate architect HBM Architects