The multi-phase, four-floor, interior renovation of the Albert B. Alkek Library at Texas State University in San Marcos, Texas, aims to create a campus Learning Commons. The completed Learning Commons will meet the needs of today’s students by enhancing spaces and services already offered, as well as creating opportunities to utilize current technological advancements that allow students to learn actively and support the way they study, research, and interact with technology and each other. The Learning Commons, located on the first floor, will be comprised of “Centers”. These “Centers” will include digital media studios, creative manufacturing spaces, and virtual reality interactive learning environments. There is also a “Center” with GIS / data visualization technology focus, that will provide students with tools to explore computational relationships among the measurable properties of our planet.

Additionally, the third and fourth floors will be renovated to function as Research Commons and Education/Instruction Commons, respectively. The Research Commons will include a combination of secured collections, maps and charts, periodicals, group study spaces, and an enclosed graduate commons space with two large study rooms, a large multi-function space, and a kitchenette breakroom. The Education/ Instruction Commons design includes new instruction spaces, presentation spaces, teaching spaces, kitchenette, and information technology testing and conference rooms. The project also includes a café space on the entry level with dedicated exterior access as well as indoor and outdoor seating space.

*associate architect HBM Architects