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Today the Robert H. Ewalt Student Recreational center offers students many different areas to exercise and play sports. However, ten years ago the Rec Center looked very different. Because of an aging recreation center and the need for additional fitness facilities, the students at Texas Tech University approved an initiative to raise fees to pay for the renovation and expansion of the Student Recreation Center. BRW was selected to bring their dreams to reality. The Renovation and Addition (75,000 SF )to the existing facility (three-story, 125,000-SF) accommodates a new weight-training facility, new basketball courts, new aerobic and fitness training areas, indoor hockey/soccer rink, and an outdoor-equipment rental shop and offices.

The second floor features a suspended walking/jogging track that circles the basketball courts below and offers views to the outdoor playing fields. The building addition is distinguished by many windows on the south, east and north facades, allowing activities to be viewed by passersby and inviting them to participate. A new three-story climbing wall rises 50 feet from the lower level, up through the atrium space. The addition connects to the existing Aquatic Center, and the exterior design of the $9 million expansion abides by the Campus Master Plan by maintaining the Spanish Renaissance architectural imagery found throughout the campus.