The Westlake Fire Station is 17,834 square feet located in the Town of Westlake. The facility houses four drive-through vehicle apparatus bays, seven bunk rooms that accommodates 6 crews and a Captain, a fitness area, kitchen with dining room, and a hose tower. The fire station is on a slab-on-grade concrete foundation, a structural steel frame with cold form metal framing, a rock and plaster exterior, and a metal standing seam roof with clay tile. The Administration building is connected to the fire station by a covered patio area, which contains offices for the Fire Chief, Marshal, and Receptionist. The conference room serves as a safe house when needed.

The hardened enclosure includes a training room, E.O.C., and features a two-story public event, space lined by stone arcades carried through from the exterior.

To get access to the Administration building, pedestrians have the options to cross two stone bridges that span the bioswale. Both bridges use a combination of river cobble and vegetation to filter stormwater run-off as it returns to the groundwater system. The placement of the buildings on the site enhances the natural topography and emphasizes transparency and accessibility to the public.

*photos by Parrish Ruiz de Velasco