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Our challenge, as an intimate setting for learning within an ever evolving urban landscape, is to maintain a focus and vision for the better intellectual enterprise. When O’Neil Ford first arrived on the hills of the University of Dallas, he created a series of unassuming, unadorned, simple yet elegant structures carefully set within the undulating landscape. This set the physical and emotional precedent for the nature of University of Dallas’ existence and environment. It is with this same spirit of care and guidance that we now create a visual boundary that gracefully connects and identifies the presence of this place. Many of the most historic and prestigious universities have evolved within a set boundary; a landscape that extends out from its original historic core and begins to merge with the surrounding cities and towns.

In the tradition and spirit of the historic gateways, portals and entries of such legendary places as Stanford, Harvard, Indiana, Texas A&M, Saint Louis University and many others, the University of Dallas is creatively focused on bringing the campus’ rich character and identity to the growing community around us. Just as a freshman begins an intellectual and spiritual transformation into higher academia the new Gateways provide a physical and sacred transformation as one enters the campus of the University of Dallas.