Lisa Lamkin, FAIA, LE Fellow


We are excited to announce that Lisa Lamkin has earned the distinguished Association for Learning Environments LE Fellow designation. An A4LE Fellow is the most respected member of the A4LE community. These individuals show exceptional leadership and substantial achievement through their contribution to the advancement and promotion of A4LE’s mission.

If you know Lisa, you understand her genuine commitment to designing educational environments that make schools a better place. You might say she is passionate about education. Through her architecture and leadership, she personifies the mission of A4LE. Her initiatives for education create ways to share her expertise with others and increase the understanding and impact of educational architecture. Through advocacy and bringing differing forces together, she positions architects, educators, and learners alike as expert advisors, expanding the influence of the built environment. She is also passionate about involving students in the creative process – encouraging them to speak up and take ownership of their own spaces, and in effect, their own lives. Her commitment to community improvement through empowerment has led to initiatives to improve educational environments.

Since joining A4LE in 1997, Lisa has participated in numerous committees and task forces, has held board positions, and has served as President at both the Chapter and Regional levels. In 2010, as a member of the A4LE TEXO (Dallas Contractors Association) Task Force, she supported the creation of a collaborative database as a tool for project planning with architects, planners, clients, and contractors.

The following year, as President of the North Texas Chapter, Lisa implemented strategic planning procedures and tripled the number of educational offerings at the Chapter level. She initiated the IMPACT Award, a competitive grant program that continues to grow each year in providing funding for school improvement projects, and led the creation of the chapter’s annual Golf Tournament as a vehicle for funding the IMPACT award.

As President-Elect of the Southern Region, Lisa supported an endowment of $80,000 for the Southern Region educational foundation for scholarships as well as other program funding initiatives, helped to establish the Harvey Action Task Force which harnessed the expertise of A4LE’s membership, and implemented a fundraising initiative at the LearningScapes International conference to assist communities devastated by the hurricane. She worked to develop and implement the Strategic Plan that created the board-level steering committees for Knowledge, Membership, and Development and currently serves as the Chairperson for the International Development Steering Committee.

As Principal of the K12 studio at BRW Architects, and through her various leadership roles in professional organizations such as A4LE, Lisa nurtures the development of others daily. She is a passionate advocate for those seeking to develop their skills and consistently engages younger staff in activities that provide opportunities for their individual and professional growth. She is a thoughtful and intelligent strategic leader who is always willing to listen and energize others.

Lisa’s other true passion is music. The influences of her two passions – education and music – shape her life in and out of the office. Lisa and her husband Bob, an architect as well, enjoy spending time with their daughter and son-in-law. The pair also enjoy being outdoors – whether it’s simply relaxing near the backyard fire pit or traveling.

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Join the BRW Dallas team in giving back! We will meet at 8007 E Northwest Hwy, Dallas, TX. As a group we will clean up the area around White Rock Lake from 10:00AM – 11:00AM.

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2023 Texas Library Association (TLA)

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2023 Station Design Conference

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2023 TASA TASB Convention

Sept 29–Oct 1, 2023

Dallas, TX

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2023 Texas Municipal League (TML)

Oct. 4–6, 2023

Dallas, TX

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