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Sustainability goes beyond reducing a facility’s environmental impact to include creating healthier environments for occupants and decreasing operational costs. Through ongoing training, BRW stays apprised of advances in building methods, materials, and systems to deliver responsible solutions to our clients.

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“Understanding the unique requirements for the [Texas Game Warden Training Center] was of great importance. BRW Architects’ experience and knowledge in architecture helped create an authentic one-of-a-kind facility that reflects the traditions and values of TPWD.”

Texas Parks & Wildlife Game Warden Training Center

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As an Associate Principal + Design Director, Chris leads a diverse range of project types and scales while maintaining an emphasis on thoughtful design. His passion for design fuels his drive to deliver high-quality public projects. Chris’ unique ability to balance creative thinking with pragmatic design solutions serves both clients and end-users well. He believes that identifying the distinctive and intangible quality surrounding a site and community is crucial to improving the built environment.