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Each community conveys its hopes, character, and strengths through its public buildings and recreational spaces. Communities thrive–wellbeing soars and economic life is supported–where people come together easily and the natural environment is beautifully incorporated.

At BRW, we’re committed to closely collaborating with cities to design and build accessible, sustainable spaces where local culture can flourish.


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We design the buildings that bring a community together: city halls, libraries, rec centers, senior centers, and the spaces that handle the business of living together: city halls, courts, service centers, utility districts, and more.

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Public buildings shape our communities and bring people together for the good of everyone.

As Civic architects, we look to foster connectedness and community spirit through functional, flexible facilities that demonstrate pride and purpose today and for generations to come.

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As a Principal, Fred Clifford brings more than 35 years of experience in architecture and the construction fields. He has a keen eye for the technical ways in which buildings go together, making him an invaluable resource in the firm. Fred can manage all stages of any project, from contracts, master planning, programming, and preliminary design through construction administration.

People matter.

“[The BRW Team] deserves praise for a job well done. Their quick turnarounds with RFI’s, providing guidance, showing up to the jobsite during a pandemic, and just all around being available was phenomenal. Thanks to them the project was on time and slightly under budget.”

Coppell Life Safety Park