Mont Belvieu City Complex

To determine the best use of the facilities within their existing municipal complex, the City of Mont Belvieu commissioned BRW Architects to perform a comprehensive municipal facilities analysis.  As a result of that study, it was determined that a new 30,700 SF City Hall would be necessary to accommodate the expected significant increase of city staff and to decompress the existing buildings. Additionally, the existing 9,815 SF former senior center building will be renovated into a larger, more technologically advanced Council Chambers and Municipal Court Building.  Relocating the court room and the council chambers will allow for much-needed expansions within the existing police station and city hall buildings. The site development, which includes additional parking, stormwater retention, and a new plaza, will be redeveloped in phases to ensure that the existing facilities continue to serve the public throughout construction.


+ New City Hall
+ Large Council Chambers
+ Comprehensive Facility Analysis
+ Court Room
+ New Plaza
+ Building Renovation
+ Technology Advancements
+ Master Planning