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Historic structures connect the present with the past.

These spaces provide a tangible sense of stability. Dedicated to preserving the history and architectural legacy of our communities, BRW’s restoration specialists take pride in breathing new life into heritage buildings.

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In a little over 100 years, Texas State University changed from being little more than a High School into a prominent institution with 115 undergraduate, 84 masters, and 6 Ph.D. Degree programs. While teacher preparation remains an important responsibility, the scope of the university services has greatly expanded its prestige, prominence, and recognition. The student population is now rapidly approaching 30,500. The original 11 acres has now grown to over 475 acres, not counting over 4000 additional acres that are not part of the campus. A new campus Master Plan for the period 2006 to 2015 calls for a massive buildup of facilities and infrastructure to accommodate this growth.

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Building reuse can be an efficient, cost-effective, and environmentally responsible way of breathing new life into older resources and recovering under-programmed space. Often, reclaimed areas become destinations, creating centers of activity and synergy between the old and the new, bringing renewed vibrancy to the neighborhood.


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The design team worked closely with the Texas State facilities staff to carefully plan an approach to restore the exterior envelope and stay true to the original historic integrity of this landmark and legacy of a great Texas campus.

Texas State University