USPS Downtown Dallas Station

Located in the heart of the central business district of Dallas, the Downtown Station occupies an entire 1.5 acre block. Originally built in 1932, and in serious need of renovation, the USPS began planning to bring this historical building into the 21st century. The renovation was funded by the ‘Dallas 2000’ project, which is dedicated to upgrading all of the Dallas area post offices by the turn of the millennia.

Multiple scenarios were developed to advise the USPS of the general conditions of the building and site, and for consideration by the USPS for approaching the renovation project. Work included restoration and renovation of the exterior facade and interior public spaces, a complete overhaul of MEP systems, upgrading of lighting, installation of a fire sprinkler system, and all necessary modifications to meet today’s ADA accessibility criteria. All renovation work was conducted in close association with historic preservation authorities at national, state and local levels.


+ Historic restoration
+ Exterior cleaning
+ Refurbished doors & windows
+ Restored interior details
+ Restored exterior lamps
+ New parking garage & ramps
+ Multiple interior renovations