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Wellness facilities are as diverse and complicated as they are essential. BRW creates health-centric environments that promote wellness for patients and practitioners alike.

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Today’s health science facilities must support a diverse set of functions and objectives. Collaborative learning, patient-centered instruction, and environments that mimic real health care situations are common practice. Creating spaces that are easy for providers, communities, teachers, and students to use. Theses spaces must adapt to emerging technologies that are critical to the success of these complex facilities.

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“Every decision was made with enthusiasm and dedication to our project, which resulted in a facility that embodies the spirit of YMCA and the White Rock Lake area in Dallas.”

YMCA White Rock Lake

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The Center for Oral Healthcare Clinic building consists of nine stories with nine different types of clinical environments and 355 total operatories, ranging from general practice to prosthodontics and implant surgery. The 160,000 SF facility includes laboratories, classrooms, student spaces, clinical support areas, and a utility plant.

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