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TTU Talkington Theatre

Higher education is the future.

A new generation is always in the making. BRW Architects is focused on creating educational environments that nurture potential. We design spaces that foster the transformation of passion into the discoveries and innovations that shape our future.

The evolving nature of learning, teaching, and exploration means educational spaces must incorporate technology digital natives expect―tech-integrated, immersive, multi-dimensional, and conducive to interdisciplinary instruction. We strive to create spaces that foster collaborative learning and optimize the on-campus experience for both students and faculty.


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Furthering educational missions while staying true to campus spirit and traditions.

From music and theater performance halls to dental schools and libraries, BRW’s understanding of student expectations and institutional goals have earned us a reputation for excellence in designing facilities that leverage flexibility and technology to enhance the student experience.

Project spotlight.


In 2017, Texas Tech University’s nationally recognized College for the Visual and Performing Arts sought to unify its accredited programs in theater and dance, the school of art, and music into one best-in-class facility. The University partnered with BRW for a feasibility study, design, and renovation project to transform the Charles E Maedgen Jr Theatre, a mid-century, 7500 SF 400-seat, into the JT & Margaret Talkington Theatre.

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People matter.

“This project had been a dream for many former students and university leaders for a long time. Its successful completion is a testament to the tenacity of those individuals and the truly collaborative spirit of the BRW team.”