Del Mar College Music and Academic Building

The design for the new Music and Academic Building at Del Mar College is part of a multi-phase development for the general academics and music department. This Phase II building houses both classroom and rehearsal spaces for music as well as general academic classrooms and offices for faculty. The music occupants will benefit from a creative environment that will encourage collaboration among faculty and students, and general academics will benefit from a highly student active building that creates high exposure and promotes faculty collaboration. With the building’s central location on campus, there is a strong need for creating accessible, connecting routes to neighboring buildings. On the ground level, the building is divided into multiple, separate forms to allow for student circulation to flow through the building.

*Architect of Record / Design Architect – Richter Architects


+ Orchestra Rehearsal Hall
+ Jazz Rehearsal Hall
+ Music Studios
+ Percussion Practice Rooms
+ Private Practice Rooms
+ Music Studios
+ Music Classrooms
+ Academic Classrooms
+ Administrative Suite