Harris County ESD No. 16| Klein Administration Complex

Harris County Emergency Services District (HCESD) No.16 serves 52 acres in the north Houston area. The current Fire Station No. 1 was completed in 2003 and was designed as a typical volunteer station. As the department has begun to hire full-time staff in addition to volunteer staff, they have also transitioned to larger replacement stations.

Fire Station No. 1 is an anchor building within a 13+ acre masterplan site for the ESD comprised of an administration building, maintenance facility, fuel station and pump-test pit. This 64-0” four-bay pull through station, houses a tanker, engine, tower and an LMTV and is flanked by apparatus bay support spaces.

The location of this station is central to the Districts coverage; therefore, the program included a District Chief Suite including an office, individual bathroom and dorm room. By providing this suite, the District Chief is able to reach any event or call promptly while on duty.

In addition to the suite, there are individual dorms for 8 personnel with 4 shared unisex bathrooms. Lockers are located in the hallways due to transient nature that is accustom with volunteer departments and provide easy grab-and-go of their personal items if they are filling a shift at another station.

Training is a component that HCESD No. 16 incorporates into all of their stations. Fire Station No. 1 has a training room to accommodate 28 and has public access from the lobby for community use. In the back of the station, there is a ladder training prop to review fundamental skills necessary for the area.


+ ESD Administration Facility
+ Emergency Operations Center (EOC)
+ ESD Board Room
+ Community Relations
+ Large Central Meeting Room
+ Safety & Training Support
+ Fire Chief’s Office
+ District Chief’s Office