BRW has another new Architect — Shuang Ding! 

Shuang Ding took her last exam on February 1st. Shuang joined the BRW team in 2018. She started the exam process the next year, and nearly two years later, she says it is relaxing to be finished.


The hardest thing about the process for Shuang was the sheer amount of information. It was impossible to cover all of it, so she had to be strategic in her studying. Shuang studied the concepts for understanding before work and then tested her knowledge throughout the day. If she had questions at work, it was a good indication that she needed to spend more time on that concept. It was very motivating for her since her ultimate goal for getting registered was to gain the knowledge she needed to be a better contributor to her team.


Shuang passed her last exam on February 1st. Procedural changes implemented in December meant she had to wait for her results. Ordinarily, that wouldn’t have bothered her. On previous exams, she knew whether she was passing or failing as she progressed through the test.


The last one was different. It could have gone either way. Shuang expected her results to post on February 5th and spent most of that day refreshing the NCARB webpage. They didn’t post until 6:00 AM on the 6th! As you can imagine, the wait was nerve-wracking! Other than calling her mom in China and treating herself to a bucket of Jollibee chicken, Shuang hasn’t done much to celebrate. She’s looking forward to her parents’ next visit. They came to Dallas in 2019, but she was in the middle of testing. The next time she will be a much more relaxed host.


Congratulations Shuang!