2020 Law Enforcement Design Awards

To showcase the latest innovation in law enforcement design, Officer Media Group introduced its first-ever nationwide Law Enforcement Design Awards Competition (LEDA). BRW is pleased to announce that our design for the Richardson Police Department won the Silver Award (2nd place) for new facilities over 50,000 SF. The decision to build a new law enforcement facility is not one to be made lightly. It requires a significant investment of both time and money for a community.  With a life expectancy of up to 75 years, these buildings must be designed with an eye for the future and built to last.  The annual Law Enforcement Design Awards will serve as a resource for Cities and Police Departments considering new facilities.

Richardson Police Department

Anchoring the Community

The Richardson Police facility is one of several buildings that make up the Richardson Public Safety Campus.  With its prominent location on Main Street, the 80,000 SF Police facility anchors the campus and presents a symbol of strength and community pride upon approach. BRW collaborated with Police, Fire, and City Planning Departments to generate a detailed program of current and future requirements for the various facilities comprising the 11-acre campus with the goal of fostering a cooperative relationship with the community through open and inviting design.

Serving in Partnership

BRW’s concept for the Police facility reflects Richardson PD’s mission to serve in partnership with its citizens.  The use of native stone gives the building exterior a distinctly local feel and characterizes the strength and pride of Richardson.  Gray zinc panels accent the façade and evoke the Police Shield in both color and touch, while wood soffits and exposed structural elements depict the authenticity and strong values upheld by the Department. The exterior expression of interior spaces further serves to connect the Department and the public.

Promoting Transparency

The use of glass throughout the facility makes an architectural statement about the Department’s commitment to transparency and interaction with the public.  The Multi-Purpose Room creates a visual connection to the citizens through its corner location and use of glazing.  Similarly, the Briefing Room and Break Room protrude and break the line of the façade to accentuate their importance. Natural materials blend the interiors with the exterior, symbolically eliminating barriers.


Law Enforcement facilities, Public Safety Centers, and Training Facilities across the country entered into one of five categories.  A six-member jury consisting of two police chiefs, a retired police chief-turned industry consultant, and architects with expertise in public safety design reviewed each design based on their experience in operations, training, and design.  In addition to innovative law enforcement and public safety design, judges also considered site and budget challenges. The top three entries in each category received awards.

The City of Richardson’s new Police facility received the Silver award for its outstanding design and its physical representation of the Department’s mission and commitment to its citizens.  The panel noted the way that open social spaces, such as the lunchroom, support mental health and well-being by encouraging employee interaction. The jury was particularly impressed with the timeless way the building projects both strength and approachability.  Residing at the heart of its community, Richardson’s new Police station is a welcoming reminder of the best the City’s Finest has to offer.

Congratulations to the Dallas Civic Team for being recognized for their excellence in Public Safety design.