DISD Bryan Adams High School Phase II

Bryan Adams High School is located on a 24.803 acre property at the northwest corner of Lingo Lane and Millmar Drive. Currently the high school is approximately 250,000 square feet. A new secure front entry hall was providedĀ at the main entrance on Millmar Drive. Reconfigured and enhanced, the entry provides a new identity and front door to the campus. The new vestibule directs visitors through the front office and reception for check-in and restrict direct access into the main corridor. The Classroom addition will provide ten core classrooms with associated restrooms and mechanical spaces. The first floor of the addition will provide the administration addition, replacement Special Education (SPED) classrooms, and replacement media center. The second floor includes ten new classrooms and connect the second floor circulation path to the existing second floor classroom wings. Classrooms currently housed in portable buildings will be relocated within the existing building and the portables will be removed from the site.


+ New secured entry
+ 5 Building additions
+ STEM Addition
+ New classrooms
+ Administration
+ New media center
+ New competition gym
+ Music & performance halls