Including Kids Education Center

The building is approximately 18,065 square feet and is located on a 2.4 acre greenfield in Atascocita, Texas. Including Kids is a non-profit organization that assists special needs children in their areas of delay—including language, social functioning skills, behavior management, self-help and domestic skills. The project site includes a playground, garden, fruit trees and walking paths. The interior of the building is designated into 7 areas. Those areas include administration, community outreach, universal spaces, program support, Stepping Stones (designated learning area for approximately ages 2-9), Leap (designated learning area for approximately ages 9-12), and Soar (designated learning area for approximately ages 12-22). The interior concept of the building is meant to feel open but also secure and private.


+ Special needs facility
+ Indoor & outdoor play areas
+ Life skills training
+ Reading room
+ Clinic
+ Game room
+ Conference & consulting room
+ Classrooms
+ Administration