Spring Fire Station No. 74


As part of a successful initiative to improve the Harris County ESD No. 7’s ISO rating from a 3 to a 2, the new Spring Fire Station No. 74 was built to provide better response coverage to the area in which it serves. Located on the same site as the existing Station No. 74, the new facility includes much-needed living accommodations for this growing combination department.  To provide some consistency to volunteers who may work at multiple stations within the district, this new station is a site adaptation of the recently completed Spring Fire Station No. 75.

Representing the past, present, and future of the fire service, this state-of-the-art station incorporates traditional architectural elements from historic fire stations with high performing materials and a more modern building form to establish a sort of Back to the Future design style.  Utilizing a mixture of traditional materials, such as brick and stone masonry, with iconic red four-fold doors and arched openings as a nod back to fire stations of the past. Metal panel accents add a touch of modern technology while sweeping shed roofs and clerestory windows add a contemporary vivacity to the design.

+ Award-winning station
+ Cancer Reducing Design
+ Hurricane Resistant Design
+ 4-Bay station
+ Wood-looking acoustical decking
+ Exposed timber & steel rod trusses
+ Serves Full-Time and Volunteer Firefighters
+ Reclaimed wood accents
+ Private sleeping quarters