Wylie Fire Station No. 4


The city of Wylie spans east-west across the Southern portion of the Collins County Watershed between Lake Lavon and Lake Ray Hubbard. In 2009, city and fire officials conducted master planning for the public safety service expansion, purchasing the site for Wylie Fire Station #4 in 2011. They understood back then that significant population increases on the west side of town would pose serious challenges to first responders attempting to either cross or find time-pressing alternative routes around flood-prone areas.

In 10 years, Wylie’s population has grown 30% leading the city to unveil neighborhood Station 4, a 15,000 sq ft shared facility housing a full fire station with 3 pull-through apparatus bays, the city’s backup 911 dispatch center, ICC 500 storm shelter, and police substation on the northwest side of town. Three command stations and a supervisory station stand ready for immediate operation in the event that the city’s 911 headquarters are suddenly unusable. Space for extensive specialty training elements includes manhole, confined space and underground rescue, balcony and repelling hooks for varied wall openings, and a practice standpipe and remote FDC to further strengthen the crew’s rescue capabilities.

Station 4’s administration and living quarters, set in a C-configuration around a private courtyard offer easy indoor/outdoor access for staff and direct arteries to active bays. Private dorms comfortably sleep a crew of eight along the backside of the campus, while opposite the courtyard, the dayroom, kitchen, and modern fitness area extend outside to a covered patio with a grill.

Nestled within the community, the recycled antique brick, in rich reds and browns, contrasts the white Texas limestone columns, speaking to the steadfastness of firefighters. A 9/11 memorial sculpture stands in remembrance of the 343 firefighters who died 21 years ago.


+ 3 Bay Pull-Through Station
+ Media and Living Rooms
+ Backup 911 Dispatch Center
+ Specialty Training Elements
+ 9/11 Memorial Sculpture