Project Highlight: Humble ISD Athletics


As a part of the District’s recent Bond Program, BRW was engaged by Humble ISD to develop designs for improvements to the athletic facilities at multiple middle and high schools. Through the collaborative design process, athletic facilities were expanded, modified, refreshed, and relocated to create an improved environment and experience for all users.

High School Athletic Improvements

EQUAL ACCESS is a priority. Existing softball facilities at multiple schools did not provide equal access. They were located the furthest away from all the supporting amenities and softball batting cages were lacking or not of equal quality to the baseball facilities. As part of the design solution, new multi-function buildings with storage, ticketing, restrooms, and concessions were strategically added at Kingwood High School and Summer Creek High School to better serve softball. The location of new shared batting cage facilities at Atascocita, Kingwood, Kingwood Park, and Summer Creek high schools were carefully evaluated to ensure equal access.

PEAK PERFORMANCE requires all weather facilities that meet or exceed current industry standards. Existing batting cages at most of the high schools were uncovered and exposed to the elements. This project included the design of covered, shared batting cage facilities at each high school.

OPERATIONAL EXCELLENCE involves planning. In addition to batting cages being provided at each school, storage as part of the new multipurpose building or in an independent storage building was added at each of the high schools to handle equipment storage for sports and facility upkeep.

Middle School Athletic Improvements

ENHANCED FINISHES & SYSTEM create spaces that last longer, are better illuminated, more comfortable, and are easier to maintain. The existing locker areas were dated and in much need of major repairs. PE/Athletic locker rooms, storage, and offices were fully renovated at Atascocita, Creekwood, Humble, Riverwood, and Timberwood Middle Schools. These spaces were completely reconfigured, received all new finishes, and some system upgrades.

PROGRAM RETHINKING results in new opportunities. The existing locker rooms poorly fulfilled multiple functions including classroom space, weightlifting room, and changing area. In the same space students were to change and clean up after PE they were also sweating in while lifting weights. These middle schools struggled with a lack of office space and storage for athletics/ PE while the locker and shower areas were oversized. The Team created a solution with a new, independent weight room addition that allowed removal of the classroom and weight room functions from the locker areas. The new weight room addition creates a space that can be programmed for multiple activities and allows for a new more efficient locker room layout with increased office and storage space.

High School Athletics – BRW, Dally + Associates (Structural), Salas O’Brien (MEP), and Pacheco Koch (Civil)
Middle School Athletics – BRW, Dally + Associates (Structural), Salas O’Brien (MEPT), Office of Moran Architects (Graphics/Branding), Gradient (on-site Civil), and Rekha (off-site Civil)

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