The belief that our process is grounded in communication, collaboration and commitment helps to define our mission at BRW – FOCUSED ON WHAT MATTERS®. We take that to heart in everything we do. In our K12 practice, we are focused passionately on the success of our ISD partners. Texas has more school districts than any other state and we understand the operational issues that affect your students, as well as the challenges you face finding and retaining teachers and funding your programs.

BRW + K12
BRW started working with schools shortly after we opened our doors. We built a reputation for listening to our clients, paying attention to the details, and providing results that were built to last. We take pride in our ability to tailor our efforts in response to the specific mission and context of our ISD clientele and the communities they serve. Our team has exceptional talent, a passion for improving the student experience, and unwavering support and respect for the important work of those dedicated to public education.

Serving school districts throughout Texas for nearly four decades, we know what it takes to plan and deliver schools that make a difference. This breadth of experience provides a deep understanding of what works for both the short and long-term, and we enjoy a strong record of accomplishment in addressing the needs of the districts we serve. We believe that success is achieved through partnership and an integrated process of applying expertise, diligence, and passion to our K12 clients, from the smallest of students and educators to the administration and board of trustees. From facilities assessments to Bond planning, through design and construction, it is BRW’s mission to help our client districts achieve their goals.

While every district has its own particular set of needs, BRW understands that the safety and security of your students and staff are paramount. We know that durability and sustainable design principals are key to the long-term success of your projects. Beyond that, research is revealing the significant role that the physical environment plays in student achievement. BRW implements sustainable design principles on our projects with the knowledge that factors such as natural light, views to the outside, room temperature, and color have a direct correlation to academic progress.

We take immense pride in the part we play – great or small – on improving the learning experience for students in Texas.