Dallas Fire Station No. 33

The new Dallas Fire Station No. 33 A four-bay station housing 15 fire fighters, including a Lieutenant, Captain, and Battalion Chief. The existing station remained in use and was not demolished until construction of the new station was completed. The project provides a durable, cost-effective, LEED silver-certified building, with an architectural image appropriate for the community. The building’s projecting roof planes emerge from the back of the site, upwards toward the street, creating a welcoming public facade. Traditional red brick recalls the neighborhood’s 1950’s past, while the bright yellow canted columns convey an energetic, modern image for the department. The clerestory windows above the apparatus bays allow ample natural light inside during the day, and glow at night as a symbol of protection for the community.


+ Four bay station
+ Clerestory app bays
+ Private courtyard
+ Modern accents
+ Passive Shading
+ LEED Silver Certified