Galveston Fire Station No. 1

*2020 F.I.E.R.O. Fire Station Awards | MERIT AWARD

Galveston Island has seen its fair share of devastating hurricanes over the past 120 years. Fully funded by a Hurricane Ike disaster recovery grant, the new Galveston Fire Station No. 1 is designed to withstand inevitable future hurricanes while also contributing to the architectural character of this historic Texas city. The new station was built to withstand the wind speeds, debris, and storm surge from a category 5 hurricane. It is located in the heart of Galveston next to City Hall and the famous Moody Mansion, and the station’s design complements the architectural styles of its neighbors. The symmetrical form of the building is derived from the Classical Revival style of the City Hall while the materials, balconies, and detailing reflect the Romanesque style of the Moody Mansion. To create a connection between the City Hall and fire station, the entrances are oriented on-axis to one another across a new public plaza where the former fire station once stood.

To mitigate any future flood events from rendering the station inoperable, the training, living, and administrative spaces are located on the second and third levels, and all mechanical equipment is elevated. The first level, which consists of four 100’-0” deep apparatus bays and support spaces, is designed to allow floodwaters to pass through the building via flood vents. CMU block walls, corrosion-resistant materials, and raised electrical outlets will prevent costly flood damage and allow for easy cleanup. In the event of an emergency, the station is fully generated, has the capacity to sleep 19 people, and the training room can double as a back-up EOC. Galveston Fire Station No. 1 has quickly become a new civic landmark that will continue to serve and protect the surrounding community for decades to come.


+ Historical Details & Accents
+ Administrative Offices
+ Fire Pole
+ Coffered Ceilings
+ Deep Bays for Maintenance
+ Large Conference Areas
+ 4-Bay Pull-thru Apparatus Bay