Garland Police Property Room

*2022 Officer Station Design Award | LE Facilities III Gold award

Driven by the desire to elevate the Garland Police Department’s processing procedures, and to provide improved working conditions for staff, the new Garland police property building is the industry’s new benchmark. Located on one of Garland’s most prominent thoroughfares as a stand-alone structure, the project presented an opportunity to integrate an often hidden component of a department’s operations into the fabric of the City as a new point of civic pride. The facade utilizes an innovative ultra-high performance concrete panel system to reference the strength and security of the building typology while simultaneously celebrating the delicacies of light and shadow, symbolic of the investigative process. The building’s form slides apart, a reference to the functionality of the high-density storage shelving that fills the interior. The welcoming sight of warm-toned natural limestone and terracotta-colored panels signifies the public entrance into the building.

Previously devoid of natural light, sunlight floods the interior of the new technician workspaces with windows providing continuous views to the outdoors. An outdoor trellis feature off of the break room provides a communal gathering space for staff to eat lunch or grab fresh air throughout their workday. The property and evidence vault is hardened to protect the irreplaceable assets inside. As the Department has outgrown their existing facility, multiple layers of future expansion planning have been incorporated into the design to ensure service to the Department, and Community can continue for decades to come.



+ Police Facility
+ Secure Property Storage
+ Administrative Offices
+ Training Classrooms
+ Furniture Selection
+ Controlled & Secure Entry
+ Secured Parking